had an article today on Mariano Rivera’s status in his comeback from his injury last year. He’s 95% ready to go and hopes to be ready by spring training.

Even though I’m not a Yankess fan, I’m a quality pitching fan; Rivera’s at the top of my fun pitchers to watch list. His cut fastball is amazing and when thrown in the correct location is unhittable.

When you watch the video, take a look at how his mechanics stay the same pitch to pitch (you’ll see this in the freeze frame). Successful and consistent mechanics are a MUST if you want to help your athlete enjoy great success on the mound.

This requires you know what you’re looking for to promote the Rivera-like mechanical consistency. Without mechanical consistency, your athlete’s pitching grip inconsistency will be the norm, unfortunately.

Dan does a great job explaining how to teach your son the proper mechanics that will give him the best shot for success and fun on the mound this year. You can find Dan Gazaway’s work here.

Rivera video link.